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Belgian Big Bottle Specials for October: BRASSERIE DE L’ABBAYE DU VAL DIEU

We are in the FIFTH month of our “Cork & Cage” Belgian big bottle campaign! This month’s featured brewery is the BRASSERIE DE L’ABBAYE DU VAL DIEU. The Val Dieu beers originated from the traditions inherited from the Val-Dieu monks of times past. Historically, the Cistercian orders were known to be talented brewers. For centuries, the monks studied yeasts and fermentation. They turned brewing into a science, creating special, more sophisticated recipes. Today, beers brewed in Val-Dieu are inspired from the original recipes of the monks, loyal to the tradition of beers refermentation in the bottle. 

Order a 750ml bottle of Val Dieu Blonde, Brune, Tripel, or Grand Cru, and our staff will serve it tableside to you and your friends. Throughout October, the Independent has special pricing on these beers, along several other featured Belgian 750 ml bottles. Each purchase gets you an entry into our monthly GRAND PRIZE raffle (this month, a Val Dieu gift basket). Visit our sister store, Jug & Bottle Dept., for special retail pricing on these beers and you will be entered to win the Val Dieu raffle there as well! Viva la Belgian Beer Culture!! (for more info about Val Dieu beers, visit