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Independent Bar Tampa Halloween 2017 Costume Party Photo recap!

Our Annual Seminole Heights Halloween Costume Party 2017 at the Independent Bar was the best yet, with this year bringing serious costume competition!

Wildlings, Scooby Doo, Athletic Devil Worshipers, Pirates, Superheroes, Misfits, Privateers, Eeyore, Hippie Bikers, Magic Schoolbus Drivers, Kim Jong Un,  Princess Peach, Batdad, and our own DJ Forest Gump (who pretty much jogged in place between songs the entire night) and many more!

In the end the prizes went to the hilariously home made, creative costumes, with Captain Crunch, the Tin Man, a pair of baseball players in a League of Their Own getting prizes, and also a home made Animal from the muppets’ electric mayhem complete with cardboard drum set getting top prize and a ton of laughs all night. Photos by Chong of Cheech and Chong fame below. Feel free to tag and share and we’re already looking forward to next year! Facebook Album is here: Independent Bar Tampa