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September 24th: Live Music With J.T. Brown

J.T. Brown — the frontman of now-inactive roots n’ roll outfit The Groves and currently a guitar-slinging singer-songwriter of fine folk rock persuasions debuted his full length solo effort Phantom Heart in 2017, backed by members of the group Polyenso.

“Brown’s vocals, already known for carrying a significant emotional weight, are even heavier on songs like “Silkworm,” in which he invites love into his life in the hopes of setting himself free. The joy on Phantom Heart’s opening track quickly fades, however, as lyrics start to weave tales of drug addiction (“Slowhand Killer”) and two-faced romance (“All My Love”). Brown even laments the loss of memories on “Railroad Man,” in which he reflects on the life of his grandfather, a Tampa native, World War II vet and Alzheimer’s patient who once worked as a railroad foreman.” – Creative Loafing