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May 15th 6:30PM : Sunday School for Sinners featuring Oak Hay

Sunday, May 15 Sunday School for Sinners featuring Oak Hay 6:30 pm

Oak Hay
An acoustic trio from the Tampa Bay area combining elements of originality and traditional music to form a rich unique Sound!
Oak Hay’s original material incorporates several genres and fuses elaborate lyrics with exciting acoustic rhythms Including thoughtful soloing and improvisational journeys. This is a sound you haven’t heard before, tampa guitar lessons yet it may sound familiar.
Collaborating Acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass, harmony vocals, harmonica and an occasional instrument swap to banjo, this power trio keeps listeners tuned and instruments ready.
Mix in some soaring instrumental bluegrass fiddle tunes and a fun cover or two from surprising places in your mind. And you will search to hear what comes next!
Too much Fun will be had and it’s alright, we’re Oak Hay!