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September 25th 6:30pm Live Music : Lady and The Bard

Lady and the Bard

“About Lady and The Bard

Lady and The Bard bring a new perspective to the genre of Americana with their blend of traditional american folk songs, spirituals, blues, ragtime, and early jazz.

Their sound is raw acoustic, just two voices and a guitar. Their performances comprise of songs and tales of early America, from the struggles of war and hardship, to the lonesome blues of a wandering soul, to tales of love and heartache.

Their passionate performances of their original arrangements bring a new life and energy to old, nearly forgotten songs. The duo creates a big sound with their use of tight vocal harmonies, pumping rhythms, and virtuousic guitar playing. 

Today, Lady and The Bard are gaining traction as they bring old, hard-travelled songs to the forefront of their sets to venues across the Southeast. Their audiences range from young to old, united by the love of timeless music.”