Sep 18 2021 - Oct 02 2021


All Day

Eine Kleine Wies’n Oktoberfest Celebration

Once again, there will be no crowds this year on the Theresienwiese (Die Wies’n) in Munich aka Oktoberfest, the largest folk and bier festival in the world. But we won’t let this event go by without celebration! Join us for our annual Eine Kleine Wies’n – “little Oktoberfest” celebration! Starting Saturday, September 18 and continuing through Sunday, October 3, we are offering $10 Liters of Hefe, Lager, Festbier and Dunkel, We will also serve up German food specials including German sausages (Weisswurst, Knockwurst, Bratwurst), Leberkase, Käsespätzle, Bavarian soft pretzels and more! Stop by any time for your masked, sanitized, & friendly salute to our favorite European holiday, Oktoberfest! Prost!

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