Jul 14 2022


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Meet The Brewery! Featuring Ology

Join us for our monthly event series “Meet The Brewery!”. Each month we’ll invite one of our favorite breweries to come by and share their knowledge and insight about their brewery, their brewing process and their future plans! Make sure to RSVP and get your early access tickets to ensure you get some samples and first dips on swag or even free beer!
Ology means “the study of.” The name was picked by Nick Walker, our head brewer. He started his career as a registered nurse and his father and grandfather had backgrounds in the science community as well. He wanted to keep the spirit of science alive which is why our brewery is named Ology. Nick Walker, Paul Woodward, and Brian Clarke are the founders of Ology and have known each other since middle school. Nick pursued his passion as a home brewer. As his recipe and brewing skills grew, they all decided to take the jump into the craft beer industry.
We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Within that time we have brewed countless hazies, sours, stouts, and lagers. We also created Ology coffee and Ology Distilling. During the pandemic, the state reached out to us since we have our distilling license. Within a two month period, we produced over 10k gallons of hand sanitizer that mostly went to hospitals. Nick Walker had the opportunity to deliver hand sanitizer to the hospital he used to work for. With our distilling program, we’ve been producing vodka, gin, white rum, bourbon, rye whiskey, and a variety of cream liqueurs.
We’ve collaborated with breweries from all across the country and even did one with an author named Jeff VanderMeer. He wrote the Southern Reach Trilogy which takes place in a dystopian forest. The inspiration came from the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. In this refuge, there is a federally protected species of salamander that are endangered. Portions of our sales on that beer were donated to help protect them.
In the next two weeks, we will be opening our third taproom in Tallahassee. Later in the year, we will be opening our 4th location in the current Angry Chair building.
Live across the bridge? Please follow our St. Pete location events for our monthly “Meet The Brewery!” series at that location!

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